Counseling Approach


My counseling approach is integrative, using both traditional talk therapy as well as more experiential and body oriented approaches. I offer an empathic presence and listening ear, and strive to reflect not only compassion and understanding, but also truth to my clients. I view the counseling relationship as collaborative and one where I have the honor of walking alongside you in your journey. This means we will work together to get you where you want to be--using creativity, and hopefully a little humor along the way! 

Healing and wholeness come from exploring all aspects of self: mind, body and soul (spirituality), and as such I will encourage you to investigate and heal all of these areas of your life. 

My lovely and cozy office on SE 14th and Burnside!

My lovely and cozy office on SE 14th and Burnside!

To get a little technical, I orient myself with the following theories: EMDR, attachment, and psychodynamic/object relations, while also utilizing other tools and therapeutic techniques taken from sensorimotor psychotherapy (working with the body to get healing), cognitive-behavioral therapy (addressing distorted and unhealthy thoughts), and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Because you are unique and valuable together we will collaborate to customize therapy to meet your needs and goals! In addition to talk therapy, among the many practical tools that I use frequently include integrating art, EMDR and the Alpha-Stim ( into my practice. 

At the core, I believe that the past influences the present, and it is important to examine some of the deep roots that may be currently causing you issues as you move towards healing. This is where EMDR can be incredibly exciting and effective! I also believe that everyone has different parts of themselves and that these parts are often in conflict with one another which can make us feel stuck (ex. "I want to lose weight, but I also want to eat the entire batch of cookies"). 

My experience has shown me that counseling can provide an opportunity to resolve these conflicts, bring all parts of yourself into balance and allow for negative experiences in your past to stop driving your present. 

The healing path is not a jaunt in the park. It is a life-rattling, heart-revealing journey that takes us through danger, harm, headache—and ultimately to new trust, profound hope, and a love that can’t be scorched by assault or destroyed by loss.
— The Healing Journey, Dan Allender

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