Trauma Recovery & EMDR Therapy

EMDR, which stands for "eye movement desensitization and reprocessing" is a powerful therapy to help facilitate the brains' natural healing processes. Often when trauma occurs, information can get stuck or stored in the brain in unhelpful ways and continue to negatively effect you in your present day life. The old stored information can be triggered in the present and can cause you to have thoughts, feelings or sensations that transport you right back to the time the trauma occurred. This affects the way we see the world and how we relate with others. 

For most, negative beliefs  like "I am worthless," "I am bad," "It's all my fault," or "I am not good enough,"  which are born out of many types of big or small traumas, can drive reactions, relationships and feelings about ourselves in our present day lives. EMDR uses eye movements (similar to what occurs during REM sleep) to help facilitate information processing, and relieve the negative effects of trauma in your life and the negative beliefs that go with it. You will still remember what happened but it will become less upsetting so that you are no longer reliving the feelings, images and sounds related to the traumatic event that occurred. I have seen clients find relief and freedom through the use of EMDR therapy, and if you are interested in reading more click here and here to read a couple of articles which are both helpful in providing additional information and evidence based research on EMDR.

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