Counseling for Individuals


If you are ready to invest in, and begin this process of healing in your life and your relationships then counseling may be the best next step for you. I see individuals (adults, young adults, and teenagers) who are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, struggles with body image, self-esteem, spiritual issues, relational distress, grief and loss, childhood trauma/abuse and eating disorders.  

Many of my clients are dealing with deep feelings of insecurity, perfectionism, self-hatred or shame. If this sounds like you, I would love to walk with you in your journey so that you can find freedom from the crushing weight of shame and perfectionism in your life---there is hope.


Whether you are struggling with a relationship, or feelings of confusion, ambiguity and distress in any area of your life I can help you develop insight, gain clarity and find a new way forward.  Often, in order to deal with lifes' pain, both men and women alike may turn to sex, alcohol, workaholism or unhealthy relationships in order to cope with life's difficulties. Counseling can provide a safe place to explore new strategies for coping, that allow you to live a fuller, more authentic life.

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