Counseling for Eating Disorders


Healing occurs when one walks towards and through their biggest fears.
-- Carolyn Costin


Eating disorders are complex as they affect mind, body and soul, and I am passionate about helping women recover fully and develop a new and healthy relationship with food, themselves and others. Addressing your eating disorder takes great courage and I am here to tell you that recovery is possible! I work closely with a Registered Dietician and seek to provide my clients with the most holistic care possible. 

When treating eating disorders I use a variety of tools and techniques tailored specific to you and your needs. This might include expressive techniques like art therapy, food logging, and journaling, in addition to working with conflicting parts of self, learning how to practice self-care, and manage difficult emotions. With eating disorders there is a saying that goes, "it is all about the food, and it is nothing about the food." As such, in counseling we will talk about many things, including, but not limited to food! I am also committed to staying up to date on the latest research and tools in the field of eating disorders in order to best serve my clients. It is my privilege to work with each person who walks through my doors and is recovering from an eating disorder, and I will say it again, recovery is possible. 

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