Depression & Anxiety Counseling


If you are experiencing depression or anxiety you are not alone. Many people will experience both of these in their lifetime, and there is hope. Pain, anger, trauma, grief, loss, loneliness or life stress can all lead to feelings of sadness and often times depression. Depression can be an isolating and hopeless experience and I have worked with many clients who have moved through the pain of depression and found healing and wholeness on the other side. I can walk with you during this part of your journey, providing tools to cope and opportunities to identify some of the root causes of your depression in your own story; bringing healing to mind, body and soul.

Sometimes depression and anxiety are experienced together and sometimes they remain separate. If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, panic attacks or stress that feels unmanageable counseling can provide an opportunity to not only learn new ways of coping and managing anxiety and stress, but also offer a space to learn what is under the anxiety. Often, anxiety and depression are both the bodies way of signaling to us that something is wrong, and my hope is to help you become curious and compassionate about what your anxiety is trying to tell you as you learn how to cope with, and bring healing and rest to yourself.

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